Herbicide Safety


Herbicide is but one tool in the Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) toolbox. Understanding it helps us use it more precisely in our efforts to safely provide reliable energy and low-growing, compatible-species-sustainable rights-of-way. This webinar provides background information on rights-of-way herbicide basics, product registration, labeling, and most importantly, tips and guidance with the safe handling, transport, and appropriate use of this vegetation management option.

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Rich Hendler is an IVM Specialist with ACRT Services. He is a renowned subject matter expert with more than 40 years of rights-of-way experience at major industry organizations. He is a past president of the UAA, Oklahoma Vegetation Management Association (VMA), Louisiana VMA, and was the inaugural president of the Texas VMA. Currently, he sits on the Right-of-Way Steward Initiative Advisory Board, UAA Training committee, Events committee, and Membership committee. Contact Rich at rhendler@acrtinc.com.