In-Depth: Emerging Needs – Environmental Stewardship

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The utility vegetation management industry has grown around the paradigm of dollars spent per unit of elimination. As evidenced by the Monarch CCAA (Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances), utilities on a nationwide scale are now including a new model into their management strategy by incorporating a set of metrics that quantifies a benefit as a result of activities on the rights-of-way (ROWs). Additional efforts are underway that indicate that efforts to quantify benefits from ROW management practices will not be unique to the Monarch CCAA. This webinar discusses this shifting trend and how it relates to other industry needs.

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Kevin Jones

With more than 10 years of industry experience at ACRT, Kevin Jones has played a significant role in the growth of our business and has helped to shape the vegetation management industry. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from The Ohio State University. Contact Kevin at

Dr. Anand Persad

Dr. Anand Persad is the director of research, science, and innovation (RSI) at ACRT Services. He has an extensive background in arboriculture, invasive species, tree biomechanics, pollinator health, wetland restoration, avian studies, and more. He is the research committee chair for the Utility Arborist Association (UAA) and actively works with city, state, and federal organizations in taking innovation and technology from development to implementation. He holds a Ph.D. in invertebrate ecology/entomology from the University of the West Indies. Contact Dr. Persad at


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