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Tools to Help You Look Beyond the Workload

Powered by ACRT Services, Arborcision is a proactive vegetation management intelligence platform that enables dynamic forecasting, predictive modeling, and more — all to help you use your budget for the greatest possible impact.

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Accelerate ROI with Arborcision

The ultimate proactive vegetation management intelligence platform revolutionizing your approach to utility vegetation management (UVM).

Dynamic Forecasting and Predictive Modeling
With dynamic forecasting and predictive modeling, Arborcision empowers you to allocate your budget for maximum impact. Designed for utility foresters, our cutting-edge SaaS solution compiles critical data and proprietary insights to streamline your UVM program. By enabling process enhancement and data-driven decision-making, Arborcision ensures an extraordinary return on investment.
Optimize Efficiency and Cost‑Effectiveness
Arborcision reduces manual processes and IT complications, seamlessly collects and reports data, and optimizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Unleash a new UVM strategy as Arborcision shifts the paradigm from reactive to proactive. Predict the future state of systems, identify cost drivers, and mitigate risk for remarkable savings potential. Make informed decisions, strengthen budgets, and effortlessly adapt your approach to change.
Empowering You to Lead the UVM Industry Forward
Unlock unparalleled benefits with Arborcision’s automation capabilities. Identify at-risk circuit zones, evaluate crew performance, and generate comprehensive reports instantly. Leverage quantitative data to develop proactive plans, assess contracting methods, and demonstrate forecasted savings to stakeholders. Arborcision empowers you to transcend limitations, ensuring a resilient, efficient, and cost-conscious UVM program that leads the industry forward.

Benefits of Arborcision Include:

  • Create budgets for board approval and rate cases
  • Automate vegetation management analysis
  • Identify cost drivers and at-risk circuit areas
  • Evaluate crew and work performance over time for efficiency and value
  • Strengthen decision-making and budget decisions
  • Instantly shift strategy based on system changes
  • Export data and generate reports for stakeholders
  • Determine cost drivers, the future state of circuits, and the overall system
  • Identify areas at risk like class jumping and their potential costs
  • Develop proactive plans that use accurate quantitative data
  • Evaluate contracting methods and their financial impact 

Tackle Your Most Critical Vegetation Management Challenges

Work Planning


Learn how Arborcision leverages data to maximize your vegetation management program.



Powered by the Leader in Utility Infrastructure and Environmental Services

At ACRT Services and our family of companies, everything we do is designed to make utilities, the organizations that partner with them, and the communities they serve more informed, efficient, and safe. Arborcision is the latest innovative technology solution to achieve that goal. By empowering utility leaders with rapid system data, analytics, and more and providing the flexibility to shift direction as inputs and needs change, utilities can make better use of their critical vegetation management resources to achieve the best possible results.




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